Monday, July 28, 2014

The Beast Has Arrived

My husband's new recliner (aka The Beast) has been delivered...

And keeping in my mind my husband is 6'6" - it juusst fits...

(click on pics to biggify - if you dare...)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

It doesn't happen often so it always catches my eye

BB and Miss Frankie rarely share space but when they do they seem to arrange themselves as mirror images. This morning Frankie was napping in the recliner when BB decided he needed to be there too. Actually sitting on the back of the chair like this is one of his favorite spots. How he gets up there is a long and involved process since (some) orange cats can't jump.

There was some hissing from Frankie and then they settled in like this...

Friday, July 25, 2014

The weather, the sky and the cats

Summers in this part of the world can be oppressive. Temperature and humidity are pretty much equal numbers which pushes the 'feels like' temp to triple digits. But this Summer is a totally equal opportunity Summer. The pattern has been 3 or 4 days of overcast skies, high heat and humidity with showers and thunderstorms every day. Then it morphs into the most glorious, fabulous, sensational, perfect weather. The humidity disappears, the clouds become light and fluffy, if they show up at all, and the temps are cool-ish in the morning rising to the low 80's by the afternoon. Sunshine and light breezes complete this heavenly weather. After 3 or 4 days of heaven we slide right back into the ugly heat, humidity routine.

Last night began the slide from ugly to gorgeous. The windows were opened and the sky put on a show that had me catching my breath, rousing me from the couch and the television to stand at the windows, repeating over and over, 'Look at that sky'.

(click on on pic to biggify)
And today the weather is pure unadulterated heaven. It is bliss!

And then there are the cats. Did you know that Orange cats can't jump? BB is a big boy - he's tall and long and while he weighs in at a hefty 18 pounds or so that weight is distributed over a large frame.  Perhaps he is aware of his size, or he is too lazy but he has no concept of 'jump'.

When BB wants to get from the floor to anywhere higher he tries to walk up - walk up your leg, the sofa, a chair, the bench to the windows. He actually gets confused when this method doesn't work. My husband said that this morning BB wanted to get in his lap so he tried the walk up method. He tried 3 times, not succeeding, and then disappointed and confused, he walked away.

Such a silly kitty.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It took a few days but Miss Frankie

finally got a chance to try out the new cat nip quilt- she's not a nip-head so she just found it very comfy...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's been quite a morning...

I have to say the Salvation Army is a very efficient organization. I made an appointment, on-line, to have them pick-up a bunch of stuff. The SA rang us early this morning to give us a heads-up that the truck would be here between 8:30am and 9:30am. Nice, right? They arrived around 9-ish. Brilliant.

We got rid of the large leather loveseat, huge wok, big slow-cooker, large stainless steel stock pot with strainer insert, an electric griddle, and half my 'wardrobe'. Yee-ha I now have even more empty closet space.  I do so love getting rid of things. 

Our plan was to move the small convertible leather loveseat from my office to the living room. Now convertible furniture tends to weight a ton - add a bed to a piece of furniture and the weight increases a kabillion fold. My clever (and lazy) husband asked the two SA gentleman if they would move it from the office to the living room - in exchange for $20 each. They cheerfully complied. The smaller loveseat looks terrific in the living room and the place looks much cleaner and more spacious but that will end soon enough because...

My husband bought himself a new recliner called 'The Beast" . "But what about the honking big recliner your husband has now?", you ask. That one will go in my office because it is in primo condition and I can't see giving it away at this point.

The new chair is even bigger than the old one. My 6'6" husband fits in this new chair like a dream - when reclining the chair extends past his head and feet - this thing is a bed not a chair!  So we basically replaced the large loveseat with the smaller loveseat to make room for 'The Beast' when it is delivered!

The new recliner is my husband's birthday present. His birthday is today and when I wished him a 'Happy Birthday' this morning he said "Now we are the same age" and so we are until October, at which time I will be one year older than he.  When my husband DJ'd at clubs he took great delight in dedicating this song song to me...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

this really belongs on "today's conversation"

Riding in the car-car, song comes on - Elvis Presley singing 'What Now My Love'.

Me talking to the music player: Elvis, you are so not doing that song any justice.
Husband: You don't like it? You don't like the Sonny and Cher version either.
Me: I had that song on a 45 - played it to death - I was a depressed kid. I think it was Skeeter Davis.
Husband: Find me the version by Skeeter Davis on youtube and make it into an MP3 for me.
Me: Wait a second, didn't Skeeter Davis do 'End of the World' ?  I had that on a 45 and played it to death too. Now I can't remember who did the 'What Now..." that I had.

Getting the groceries out of the car...

Husband: Well I only know of 2 versions - the one by Elvis and the one by Sonny and Cher. You don't like Sonny and Cher.
Me: I like Cher...
Husband: Who would want to hear Sonny singing by himself - Sonny singing alone is just shit!
Me: ::Uncontrollable choking laughter::
Husband: Well it's good that I can amuse you.

That was a funny comment my husband made, you have to admit. But uncontrollable laughter? Welll - first you have to know my husband rarely uses words like shit, hell, damn.  He is not a man who uses expletives, so when he does they seem a bit more emphatic. 

It was his tone of voice that really got me...a little more high pitched than usual - that kind of bewildered shock and surprise tone - You know what I mean?