Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's a stupid day and other assorted carpy-darp

I'm in my third day of 'I'm not hungry and I don't want to eat. Food is tedious and boring and so is cooking it, eating it, or even having to think about it. I hate food' mood or mode. This happens on a regular basis. I eat what stuff is around and takes no time or effort to prepare but only because I do finally get a little hungry and know I have to eat something but I really don't wanna.

Also, if I haven't mentioned this before - I HATE TO COOK. I really, really, really HATE to cook.  Really. Truth. Definitely. Hate to cook.  Hate. To. Cook. No joke.

Last night for some reason every time I opened Firefox I would get messages that something was wrong with Javascript, whatever the hell that is (okay, I vaguely know what it is). I would have to close the box 8 or 9 times before I could use Firefox. I spent time researching possible solutions. No joy there. Shut the 'puter down, went to bed. I figured it might fix itself by morning. Hey, you know, gotta believe.

No such luck this morning. The other browsers all worked fine so it wasn't my computer. But I dislike Chrome and Safari (so slooow) and then I have  to re-configure  everything and sign into all the websites I like to keep signed into - Pain the patootie.

Then I had the brilliant idea to uninstall FF and then reinstall it. Bingo - it worked BUT here we go again. Install all the extensions and plug-ins and what-have yous. Sign into all the web sites again.  PITA.  Then because I am bored to death with all this stuff, I didn't notice what I had checked off in the security panel. Every time I opened FF I had to sign into Facebook, twitter, my blogs, blah-de-blah-de-blah-duh. Driving me batso until finally I paid some attention and discovered that I had cookies set to be deleted every time I closed FF. Okay - Pay attention Grace!

My brain is just not working well today. I was doing the NYT crossword puzzle. The clue was 'Bandmate Barry, Maurice or Robin' 4 letters, first letter 'G'. So where does my brain go with that? I think "What is the Gibbs brothers last name?"

Yes, yes - that was my first thought. Stupidly I related this process to my husband and now he is all "Hey, what's the Gibbs brothers last name?" He thinks he is being funny. He isn't.

At least the kitties are still delivering smiles. I went into the bedroom to make the bed and there they were just inches away from each other. That happens so infrequently that it still holds surprise and delight for me. I quickly got my camera and here are the babies sharing space...Awww

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Every Day is Caturday Around Here

For starters I just want to warn you that the photos were taken with my iPad Air camera and it sucks - majorly.

My husband and BB were having a conversation when I came into the room...

But the video function on the iPad isn't too bad - Frankie kept this up for at least 5 minutes and it hurt! My thigh is still sore!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ah, Perfection

It is a glorious day - 76 degrees, lovely breeze, low humidity, light blue skies with fluffy white clouds - Who could ask for anything more?

If feels more like Spring than Fall tho the trees are getting the message, ever so slowly, getting out their Fall wardrobe...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My husband and I are dorks

Riding in the car-car today, plenty of head-bopping, finger-snapping music playing. I do the bopping and snapping because my husband can't. First, he's driving and second, he is the whitest man in American and hence has no rhythm.

On the way to Tar-Jay I did not whap the Next button even once. On the way home, I whapped "I'm Not Lisa" not so much because I don't like the song, I'm not crazy about it tho, but because I didn't want any slow draggy songs. Brenda Lee was up next with Someday and I let that play 'cause I like Brenda Lee but her version is just not as good as Patsy Cline's rendition.

Last song up as we pull into our parking lot - Gene Pitney and "I'm Gonna Be Strong".  We are singing along and leading the orchestra. We roll up the windows, my husband cuts the engine and we sit there like dorks singing and conducting  the final crescendo  - hands waving up higher and higher to a note neither of us dared to try to sing.

Dorks - Demented dorks - sitting in a parked car with the windows rolled up singing at the top of our lungs and conducting the orchestra...

And yes, I never leave Tar-Jay without buying a new cat toy. BB and Miss Frankie are now ignoring some crinkle balls.

The 11th of September

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Last

time I listened to the radio: 1990 - and only because I worked at a radio station.

time I was in a movie theatre: 2002 - the first Harry Potter movie.

time I went on vacation: October 30, 2005 - spent a week in New York City.

time I traveled any distance and stayed for a few days: June 2008. My husband's youngest child's wedding. And no it doesn't count as a vacation because I did not go willingly and while the occasion was a happy one, the trip was stressful.

There were day trips between Virginia and Philadelphia in 2008 for house hunting. And day trips in 2012 between Philadelphia and Virginia for house hunting.

Innocuous. Quotidian. These are not the sum just the lasts and may they remain so. There are a few lasts I left out but you don't need to know everything about me. 

Every once in a while I remember some incident, or time,  from my past and I laugh, or cry, or both - I had quite a ride for a long time. And, as always, I regret nothing. Not even the chances I didn't take or the places I didn't go.

Reclusiveness suits me just fine.