Saturday, April 19, 2014

Caturday Art

Just a little fun - though it was harder to do than you might think...

Hop on over to Athena, Cat Goddess to join up or enjoy some Caturday Art.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Name brand vs. store brand

In most cases I'm taking the store brand.  Except when it comes to paper towels or toilet paper. Store brands suck for those products.

This is on my mind because, while I have a dishwasher, which is crap to go along with the crap stove and crap refrigerator which came with this place (all brand new, all low-end crap Whirlpool - don't get me started...) I haven't been using it much because I was forced to buy Cascade dishwasher stuff. 

Up until a few months ago I was using the Harris Teeter house brand - Your Home. Really good products, love their scrubber sponges.  Then all of sudden the HT brand of dishwasher soap was gone from the shelves. Bummer. So I had to buy Cascade - also - Bummer. If I wanted my dishes clean I needed to handwash 'cause the Cascade is worthless.

But - Yay - the HT brand of soap is back on the shelves and I can use the dishwasher again Yay!

You see how simple I am - dishwasher soap makes me happy.

And tomorrow the man is coming to put in my new bathroom faucets - I'm so excited!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Telephone numbers

I don't know my telephone number or my cell phone number and my excuse is that I rarely call myself. As a matter of fact the last phone number I can remember is one that applied from when I was 8 until I was 21.  The only other phone number I remember is the one that preceded that, which covered the ages 4 to 8.

There is of course the matter of not having so much to remember when young so there is plenty of long term memory room. You get older and there is so much crammed into memory that essentials squeeze out the non-essentials, like old addresses or phone numbers.

I retain some addresses, wholly or partly, but not all of them. I remember street names of some but not numbers. And some are lost completely in the mists of time.

But phone numbers? Nope - other than those two I mentioned, not a one.

I have a personal business card with my current information and whenever I have to give someone my address or phone I have to consult the card. You should know I have lived here two years. (Actually I have had the same cell phone number for 12 years - aside from the area code, haven't a clue what it is.)

The addresses I remember in their entirety have nothing in common. Some are of places I was happy in, some were places I was unhappy in - so there is no connection in that way. I could understand if it was one or the other, but no, they are a mixture of happy/unhappy memories.

I am not adverse to numbers. I hated math when I was in school but as an adult, because I had to, I became quite adept at manipulating them. I found I enjoyed bookkeeping - appealed to my sense of tidiness I think. I found I could do simple calculations quickly and easily in my head. And then there is my obsessive need to make dates and lapsed time calculations.

I can keep running totals in my head with little effort, or in most cases, without any conscious effort. When we go grocery shopping, my husband always asks, before we get to the cashier, "So how much do you think it will be? And I am never more than a dollar or two off.  Somehow the prices stick as I put things in the basket and I unconsciously keep a running total.

And yet - I can't remember telephone numbers. Go figure.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's that sort of day. Rainy, gloomy, warm, sticky and overnight there is a chance of snow - WTH.

It is Tuesday and therefore grocery shopping at Harris Teeter day. It is the only day I leave the house and I do so reluctantly. The first 6 months that we lived here I was out and about on my own, now, no.  If I absolutely have to go somewhere my husband drives me. I rarely have to go anywhere. And such excursions have to be arranged around my husband's work-nap-lunch-nap schedule.

Did I mention it is a yucky day?

What happened to those little overhangs on the outside of car windows? When it was raining, or even just drizzling, you could have the window open and not get wet. It was like a little awning. I googled "car windows" and the closest I could get to a picture of what I'm talking about is this. Why don't cars have those anymore?

(I just had to switch out my Apple keyboard for my honking big, retro keyboard that makes the ticky-ticky noise. The Apple keyboard is just so damned small that I spend more time correcting typos than I do typing.)

Part of my job when we are in the car is keeping look-out for zippies but only on the right side of the car. My husband has to watch for zippies on the left. What are zippies, you ask? Those are the folks who come zipping out of nowhere from a side street or driveway or parking lot.  They don't look - they just zip.

The tree outside my window that I thought was dead is now getting all green. Yay! I thought I was going to lose another tree. Last year they trimmed the branches of the holly tree outside my bedroom windows and they took the branches off right at the trunk. They are not growing back and the tree is now a trunk with branches on only one side. Schmucks! 

It is so damp and sticky that my mouse won't move on my desk...I would turn the a/c on but today is the last day that heat will be available. Tomorrow they will switch the building from heat mode to a/c mode. Today it is warm, tomorrow it will be cold. Makes no sense at all but that's how it works in big apartment buildings where you don't pay for your utilities. You have no control over your environment. We thought that would be okay with us when we moved but we were wrong. There were a lot of things we thought we would be okay with when we moved here that have turned out to be not so okay. We are getting too old to keep learning from experience.

Goodness I sound grumpy today but I'm really just hot and sticky. Whoops - we had heavy rain this morning, then a break for a few hours and now the wind has picked up - Big Time - and the  torrential rains have moved in. I thought it was warm and sticky with the windows open, with the windows closed - instant yuck.

It's 1 o'clock, maybe I'll have some lunch, or not. Do the crossword puzzle, or not. 

It is a stupid day.