Thursday, July 24, 2014

It took a few days but Miss Frankie

finally got a chance to try out the new cat nip quilt- she's not a nip-head so she just found it very comfy...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's been quite a morning...

I have to say the Salvation Army is a very efficient organization. I made an appointment, on-line, to have them pick-up a bunch of stuff. The SA rang us early this morning to give us a heads-up that the truck would be here between 8:30am and 9:30am. Nice, right? They arrived around 9-ish. Brilliant.

We got rid of the large leather loveseat, huge wok, big slow-cooker, large stainless steel stock pot with strainer insert, an electric griddle, and half my 'wardrobe'. Yee-ha I now have even more empty closet space.  I do so love getting rid of things. 

Our plan was to move the small convertible leather loveseat from my office to the living room. Now convertible furniture tends to weight a ton - add a bed to a piece of furniture and the weight increases a kabillion fold. My clever (and lazy) husband asked the two SA gentleman if they would move it from the office to the living room - in exchange for $20 each. They cheerfully complied. The smaller loveseat looks terrific in the living room and the place looks much cleaner and more spacious but that will end soon enough because...

My husband bought himself a new recliner called 'The Beast" . "But what about the honking big recliner your husband has now?", you ask. That one will go in my office because it is in primo condition and I can't see giving it away at this point.

The new chair is even bigger than the old one. My 6'6" husband fits in this new chair like a dream - when reclining the chair extends past his head and feet - this thing is a bed not a chair!  So we basically replaced the large loveseat with the smaller loveseat to make room for 'The Beast' when it is delivered!

The new recliner is my husband's birthday present. His birthday is today and when I wished him a 'Happy Birthday' this morning he said "Now we are the same age" and so we are until October, at which time I will be one year older than he.  When my husband DJ'd at clubs he took great delight in dedicating this song song to me...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

this really belongs on "today's conversation"

Riding in the car-car, song comes on - Elvis Presley singing 'What Now My Love'.

Me talking to the music player: Elvis, you are so not doing that song any justice.
Husband: You don't like it? You don't like the Sonny and Cher version either.
Me: I had that song on a 45 - played it to death - I was a depressed kid. I think it was Skeeter Davis.
Husband: Find me the version by Skeeter Davis on youtube and make it into an MP3 for me.
Me: Wait a second, didn't Skeeter Davis do 'End of the World' ?  I had that on a 45 and played it to death too. Now I can't remember who did the 'What Now..." that I had.

Getting the groceries out of the car...

Husband: Well I only know of 2 versions - the one by Elvis and the one by Sonny and Cher. You don't like Sonny and Cher.
Me: I like Cher...
Husband: Who would want to hear Sonny singing by himself - Sonny singing alone is just shit!
Me: ::Uncontrollable choking laughter::
Husband: Well it's good that I can amuse you.

That was a funny comment my husband made, you have to admit. But uncontrollable laughter? Welll - first you have to know my husband rarely uses words like shit, hell, damn.  He is not a man who uses expletives, so when he does they seem a bit more emphatic. 

It was his tone of voice that really got me...a little more high pitched than usual - that kind of bewildered shock and surprise tone - You know what I mean?

Monday, July 21, 2014

BB and the catnip quilt

Sparkle (the designer cat) had a big celebration June 24th which was her birthday and appropriately enough also Cat World Domination Day.  Instead of getting gifts Sparkle gave gifts and BB and Miss Frankie were lucky enough to have won a one-of-a-kind catnip quilt created by Stacy Hurt just for the occasion. 

We received this marvelous quilt on Saturday and it was even personalized with Frankie's  and BB's names.

As soon as I put the quilt on the sofa BB was on it faster than Frankie could even get a sniff. We've had it two days now and poor Frankie has never had a chance to get near it.

You can practically hear BB saying "Mine, Mine - All Mine!"

See for yourself...

(If you would like a cat nip quilt for your kitties, or perhaps something unscented for yourself, you can find Stacy Hurt's creations in her Etsy shop.)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

La casa del sonno gatti

And that was Saturday afternoon at la casa di persone noiose...Only one of the Gli esseri umani was awake - that would be me - the other snored the afternoon away.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Con·no·ta·tion: noun:  plural noun: connotations
      an idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its literal or primary meaning.
     "the word “discipline” has unhappy connotations of punishment and repression

I learned about meaning and connotation in Mrs. Forlano's 6th grade class. Connotation is more a force in my reactions and understanding than meaning. Words are more than just 'words' to me and I've wanted to talk about this for a long time and yesterday's post give me the perfect excuse.

When we talked yesterday about the word 'content' I said it carried a negative meaning for me. Connotation. So much so that I couldn't state it's literal meaning. So much so that it has no literal meaning for me - only it's connotation.

Sharla saw the word and thought not of a literal meaning but defined 'content' by what she feels, and mentally sees, when she hears/reads the word. Connotation.

Connotation, or a form of it, applies to names - and this always amuses me. How often have you said to someone "But you don't look like a Seymour". Honestly how does a Seymour look? You hear/see the name and an image pops into your mind. If it is a pleasant image then you are amenable to the person carrying the name. If it is an unpleasant image you have a negative reaction. You've already made judgements about a person based on their name alone.

I can get freaky weird about names. There are names I simply cannot get out of my mouth I dislike them so much. Like the name "Ronald" - I can not say that name. And Ron doesn't come all that easily. I have no idea why. I don't recall having known any Rons growing up but I do know one thing that annoys me about this name - Italians named Ronald - NOT an Italian name by my lights. And yet I know of a lot of Italian Rons. What the heck?

Oh wait - how about 'Anthony'. In my head I hear that as 'Ant-a-knee'. Oh yes I do. Sometimes I hear a woman's high pitched voice shouting 'Ant-ahh-kneeeeee'. Yup, you want to stretch out that last syllable as long as you can. I also see this same woman hanging out a third floor window while shouting; I see that unfortunate fellow in 8th grade - overweight, greasy hair, terminal acne.  The name Anthony either makes me laugh or cringe.

Grateful, gratitude, thankful, thankfulness - these words have no literal meaning for me - just connotation. I hear/see these words and I grit my teeth and clench my jaw. They mean submission, subjugation. These words mean I am 'less than'.  I get a picture of being forced to my knees. I bend my knee for no one and nothing. Powerful reaction, yes?

So - words have literal meaning and personal connotation. And it is the personal connotation that makes words the most powerful force in the Universe.