Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Maybe it's the weather

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but I am really irritable today. It's overcast, reasonably warm and UNreasonably humid.  Then again I had to go grocery shopping today and everything was just plucking at my nerves.

Customer Service Desk: Little old woman returning a bag of potato chips. Didn't have her receipt. Her customer card didn't match up with her phone number and she was giving the clerk a hard time. There was one of those small carry baskets on the counter where I was standing and I set it off to the side. When the little old lady finally finished her business she walked over to where I was standing and snatched the the basket and muttered something to me. I just walked away, thinking unkind thoughts.

I needed cooking wine and a birthday card. I knew exactly which of each I wanted. The card was no longer in stock but hoo-boy were there lots of Halloween cards - don't want no flippin' Halloween card.
I couldn't make heads or tails of the wine and spirits department - walked in circles and finally just grabbed the first reasonably priced bottle and went downstairs.

The price sign on the garlic always irritates me (2 for $1.00/50¢ each) - oooh big bargain! I bought one.

Cruising the aisles I hear a woman talking in that idiot child voice "Can you help me find the peanut butter?" I figure she is talking to a baby. She rounds the aisle and I see the child is approximately 4. Even if the kid WAS an idiot, I hate when people speak to children that way. I don't talk to my cats that way. Irritated me.

Lots of check-out lanes open my husband chooses the guy I hate - he is so smarmy. As always my husband requests that the bags be packed tight and don't double them. Mr. Smarmy does a piss-poor job and I re-pack everything - right in front of him.  I didn't say anything, I think the expression on my face said it all. I did grumble and mumble on my way out tho.

Plus there was no music - so no dancing for me. Stores need to have music. I need to have music when I have to do unpleasant things like shopping. Next time I'll try to remember to bring my own music - Feh!

Monday, August 18, 2014

All quiet

on the interwebz. I have nothing new to report, or say. Think I shall spend the day...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm in love with the plumber

Remember I said a plumber was coming over today to discuss putting in shut-off valves under the kitchen sink and perhaps a new sink and faucets? Remember how I was bitchin' that I would probably have to order all the materials myself? Well praise the Lord and pass the ammunition - Javier will do it all and then some.

First I've got to tell ya - Javier is so good looking I tried not to drool. I'd be willing to bet there are a lot of customers who keep inventing jobs for him and probably some have made major passes. If I were younger and single I sure as hell would. Dang!

When we were discussing faucets I said I preferred Delta brand. He agreed - Delta and Moen are the brands he recommends. I said Delta was made in the USA, he offered that Moen was as well (I try to buy only USA made products). I showed him a printout from  Faucet Depot (that's where I had ordered my bathroom faucets from) of my dream faucet and he said "No problem I buy from that same web site".  It looks like this:
I hate those one-handle faucets, you can never get the water temperature right. Nor do I like the faucets with the pull-down spray attachment (been there, done that, wasn't happy). I am so thrilled, you have no idea.

Javier also said he could get rid of the garbage disposal. I hate those things - never had to deal with one until we bought the house in Philly. I think they are nasty germ factories. I never use it except to put cleaner/deodorizer down it. Javier said I didn't need it, he would run piping from the sink to the drain in the wall. He agreed they just produce, and harbor, bacteria. Yay Javier.

I have wanted to replace the toilet in the hall bathroom and get a comfort height like we had in the Philly house. My darling husband suggested this might be a good time to get that done too. Javier and I discussed models and I said I preferred American Standard to Kohler. I said I wanted a one-piece but the Kohler models, and here Javier said at the same time 'seem to have a problem with the flushing mechanism" My husband laughed. Javier and I kept talking over each other, saying the same things about the companies and various models. It was funny. Javier and I are so on the same page.

Anyway, the new toilet will look like this:
We are letting Javier pick out a sink - we want a very good quality stainless steel. A sink is a sink - nothing special needed but good quality.

It will be several weeks before all the parts can be ordered but hey I've been living with the junk that's here for 2 years, I can wait a few weeks to have what I want. 

I'm sure some folks might think it odd that I can get so excited over kitchen and bathroom fixtures but hey that's me. If you need any advice on plumbing fixtures, just ask, I'm your girl. Finding a contractor who will really do everything just adds to the excitement. We don't have a clue as to how much this will cost us - we don't care (the toilet costs about $850...). All we want to do is write the check.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It is a dreary

rainy Fall day in the middle of August. It looks like Fall but it feels like Summer. Bleah.

This morning I cut my hair and I will go to my grave wondering why I can cut my own hair exactly the way I want it but a professional hair cutter can't. It's not difficult people - I can do it!

We will be having some plumbing valve work done in the kitchen so I can have a new sink/faucets installed (right now the shut-off valves under the sink don't shut off!).  So I am browsing faucets. We will probably have to buy, on our own, the faucets and sink. I do not understand this. If I wanted to do it myself I wouldn't be hiring someone. In Philly we just asked the plumber, electrician etc what was best and they showed up with whatever was needed and installed it. One thing about Philly - the skilled tradespeople were the BEST.  That and donuts are the only things I miss about Filthadelphia.

I was going to do one more chore today but time is getting on so I will have lunch and then settle in for another afternoon of reading.  Love spending time in Lochdubh...

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm binge

reading. Since Saturday I have spent my free time reading instead of being in front of a computer. So while I have kept up with all my blog buddies I haven't paid attention much attention to my own blog. And I probably won't until my binge-ing is done.

The kitties are quite happy with my new occupation because they can keep my company while I read...Frankie on my left

And BB, as always, draped over my ankles.

There are 28 books in the series and my library only has 13 available as e-books. I've read 4 - only 9 more to go...